~~Social Media Audit~~

CROWN’s proprietary social media audit has been delivering the unvarnished truth to senior marketing executives since 2012. Along with the partnership accounts we worked alongside Deloitte Digital, this was one of our main sources of new business in the early days, and it’s still a strong performer today.


I’m a small business owner, is the CROWN Social Audit for me?

A CROWN Social Audit gives you valuable business intelligence and actionable, easy steps to improve online visibility and effectiveness.

I have a social media team. Can I still use a social media audit?

Your team can stay focused on being awesome. We'll send you an informative and actionable social audit the day after tomorrow so you can walk into your meeting well-informed and ready to ask the right questions.

What’s included in a typical social media audit?

A typical social media audit is a comprehensive evaluation of an organization's presence across various social media platforms, aiming to understand the current state of its social media strategy, identify areas of improvement, and align efforts with the overarching business goals. This process begins with the compilation of all social media accounts associated with the organization, including official accounts and any impostor accounts that may be misrepresenting the brand. This initial step is crucial for gaining a full overview of the brand’s social media footprint.

Following this, the audit involves a detailed analysis of each account's performance metrics. This includes examining follower counts, engagement rates (likes, comments, shares, etc.), post frequency, and the types of content being shared. By comparing these metrics across different platforms, companies can identify which channels are most effective for engaging their target audience and where they might be falling short. This analysis often extends to examining the reach and engagement of specific posts or campaigns to understand what content resonates best with their audience.

Another essential element of the social media audit is assessing the consistency of the brand’s voice and aesthetic across platforms. This includes reviewing the bio descriptions, profile and cover photos, and the overall messaging to ensure they align with the company’s branding guidelines and communicate the brand’s identity effectively. Consistency helps in building brand recognition and trust among the audience.

Competitive analysis is also a key component of a social media audit. By observing the social media activities of competitors, businesses can benchmark their own social media performance, uncover industry trends, and identify opportunities to stand out in the digital space. This involves looking at competitors’ follower growth, engagement strategies, content themes, and campaign innovations.

Auditing the effectiveness of the company’s use of social media tools and technologies is another critical aspect. This could involve evaluating the use of scheduling tools, analytics platforms, customer service systems, and any third-party apps or integrations. The goal is to ensure that the organization is leveraging the right tools efficiently to streamline workflows, optimize posting schedules, and accurately measure social media performance.

Finally, a comprehensive social media audit should conclude with actionable insights and recommendations. This involves synthesizing the data collected to provide strategic guidance on how to improve the company’s social media presence. Recommendations might include adjustments to content strategy, suggestions for new platforms to explore, opportunities for engagement improvement, and ways to enhance measurement practices for ongoing optimization.

Commissioning a social media audit with a reputable social media agency like CROWN is an indispensable exercise for businesses looking to optimize their online presence. By systematically evaluating each aspect of their social media strategy, from account management and content effectiveness to competitive positioning and tool utilization, companies can make informed decisions that drive social media success. This holistic approach ensures that a company's social media efforts are not only reflective of its brand but are also aligned with its strategic objectives, ultimately contributing to its overall growth and success in the digital arena.