In an era where brand voice is paramount, our client, a Fortune 1000 medical tech trailblazer with a $70B market cap, faced growing competition from giants like J&J and Google. Historically focused on product over brand, they enlisted us to architect a global social media presence from scratch, evolving them from a one-product wonder to a multifaceted player.

Our collaboration was a 360º undertaking, stretching from 2019 into the present. The client had just one in-house social media expert; we became her external squad. We synced with stakeholders across functions—product, legal, sales, and even their philanthropic partners like the American Lung Association—to align social strategies with business imperatives.

We delved into creative concepting and data-informed design to breathe life into their brand, crafting social media guidelines that adhered to their established brand standards. We also developed specialized units for community management, paid and organic content, analytics, and crisis management. We invested thousands of hours to create a best-in-class social platform, setting the stage for the brand's international expansion. Our efforts transcended mere posting; we also fostered dynamic community interactions, listening and responding to mentions and crises in real-time. The numbers speak for themselves, affirming our strategic pivot from a product-centric to a brand-focused global player.

Social media is a two-way street, so beyond posting, we also developed a team to consistently engage with our community members. After building out reporting templates, review processes, and engagement responses, we utilized enterprise social listening tools to track notable mentions and propose engagements daily. Syncing with the Global Public Affairs team, we even took on issues and crisis management, developing social listening and reporting initiatives to escalate notable content.
We spent many thousands of hours building a smart, best-in-class social media capability that leveraged Intuitive’s internal teams and positioned the company for international growth. From organic content to paid targeting, numbers don’t lie.
Project Information

Client: Intuitive
Title: Intuitive “Social Media From The Ground Up”
Tags: Social Media, Strategy, Audience Targeting, Channel Strategy, Event, Community Management, Copywriting, Analytics and Reporting
Date: 2018

Creative Direction and Concept CROWN SOCIAL