A company's brand embodies its core values and cultural ethos, existing in an abstract and non-material realm. Conversely, brand identity can be touched, seen, or felt, directly tying into the sensory attributes of the brand.

“We build a brand, but we do not build a brand identity. Instead, we design it.” -Anas Hassan, Paperturn

Delving deeper into the concept of brand identity, it can be seen as an intricate tapestry of various elements that determine how a brand is perceived by its audience. One of the primary components of identity is the visual representation, which encompasses elements like logos, typography, color schemes, and imagery. Each of these serves a distinct purpose, helping to craft a cohesive and recognizable image in the minds of consumers.

Beyond the visual, brand identity is also shaped by the tone and manner in which a brand communicates. This is manifest in advertising campaigns, customer service interactions, and even in the style of written content produced by the brand. It's the consistent voice and messaging that ensure the brand is recognized and remembered in a specific way.

Another significant aspect of brand identity is the experience it promises to its customers. This includes the look and feel of a company's products, the ambiance of its physical spaces, or the user experience on its digital platforms. Each touchpoint, no matter how minor, plays a role in solidifying or altering the brand's image.

Lastly, brand identity is also influenced by the perceptions and feedback of its audience. In the age of digital communication, customer reviews, testimonials, and even casual mentions on social media can shape the identity of a brand, making audience engagement crucial. In essence, brand identity is a living entity, an amalgamation of deliberate design choices and evolving public perceptions, working in tandem to define a brand's space in the marketplace.

CROWN has been entrusted by Fortune 500s, startups, NGOs & SMBs alike with their brand identities and we have some great case studies around the work we’ve done in this area.