Overview of Design Thinking at CROWN

We stand tall behind every campaign, every ad, and every pixel that leaves our office.At CROWN, we recognize design thinking as not just a method, but a mindset. This human-centered approach to innovation is deeply woven into our consulting fabric. Here, we explore both the foundational pillars and advanced techniques of design thinking to provide a comprehensive glimpse into our unique approach.

Design Thinking Fundamentals

Empathy: Central to design thinking, empathy is the practice of immersing oneself into the user's world, striving to understand their experiences, needs, and motivations.

Defining the Challenge: This phase involves articulating the real problem by synthesizing insights from the empathy stage. It's all about framing the right question.

Ideation: Here, we encourage open brainstorming sessions and creative outbursts, leading to a plethora of potential solutions.

Prototyping: This tangible phase translates abstract ideas into concrete, albeit rudimentary, models. It's about creating a tangible representation of the solution.

Testing: Prototypes are put to the test, evaluated by users, refined based on feedback, and re-tested, ensuring the solution is both viable and resonates with the user.

Advanced Techniques for a Deeper Dive

Journey Mapping: A holistic view of a user's experience with a product or service, mapping every touchpoint, emotion, and interaction. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the user's path, identifying pain points and opportunities.

Storyboarding: A narrative tool that visualizes the user's journey with a solution, highlighting each step in the process, and anticipating possible user reactions.

Rapid Prototyping: An accelerated approach to building models that can quickly be tested and iterated upon, allowing for faster refinement and optimization.

Feedback Loops: Constant cycles of feedback collection during every stage, ensuring solutions evolve based on genuine user insights and needs.

Digital Prototyping Tools: Leveraging cutting-edge digital tools to create high-fidelity prototypes, bridging the gap between rudimentary models and final products.

At CROWN, our approach to design thinking, enriched by both its fundamentals and advanced techniques, propels us to deliver solutions that are not only innovative but deeply resonate with user needs. Our dedication to this philosophy ensures our consulting services remain at the forefront of human-centered design and innovation.

We have deep experience working with the Microsoft Design team on its inclusive design philosophy and rulebook, which became widely adopted within industry.

We also encourage you to visit our internal design team HQ over at New Dialogue Design House.